Offerning Europe Trip with intense training camp and tournament coaching and summer camps for all levels

June 11th-August 31st.  

Daily and weekly options available.

Europe Trip

10 Day Intense Squash Camp and Dutch Junior Tournament


*Join Tuckahoe Squash as we travel to Amsterdam for a one week intense training camp before competing in one of the biggest junior  tournaments worldwide July 5th - 16th.  


Elite Camp-July 6th-11th

Dutch Tournament-July 12th-15th


 Contact us for more details!

Summer Camps

Beginner (6-8 years old)


*Introduction to Squash basics, hand and eye coordination drills, and fitness

$250/week, $60/day


Beginner/Intermediate (9-16 years old)


*Includes squash, badminton, ping pong, fitness, and chess

$400/week, $90/day


Intense Squash 


*One on one squash technique, squash footwork, fitness, and match play

$500/week, $120/day


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